DC BIAS FUZZ   -   My new fuzz pedal for my EE technical presentation.
                                   Schematic and testing/analysis avaible here.

For My sound samples  (and new songs!!) please go here:

Boss SG-1 Slow Gear & Boss NF-1 Noise Gate Schematic, parts list, PCB diagram...etc.
Brought to you by John G.

Page 'O Lard: (click here)
Interlarding Fuzz: Schematic, PCB, Wiring Diagram, Notes, Setup, etc...

Here's a bunch of the pedals I've put together, including my Interlarding Fuzz, all wired up and ready to rock.

Here is "My Etching Story"...continue

Lots of Interlarding Fuzz samples at Zebox, check 'em.  If people are intersted in more crazy sounds I'll upload more, but you have to tell me what you want to hear. (i.e. guitar controllable tone generator, gated/tremolo sustain which gets faster as it decays, octave division/harmony, buzz & fuzz, synth-sounds, etc...) I think a half hour file would be too big. I've been trying to limit them to 5

And Here is my Interlarding Fuzz, help on this is also appreciated! (older version)