Etching Photo's:

Thanks to Everyone on the Stompbox forum, especially JD for the layout and the awesome site!
The text is copied from what I wrote on the board, with pictures.

I thought I'd give it a go, seeing as I've had the board and etchant for several months
now. I used J.D.'s layout for the muff fuzz. Thanks JD your site is an excellent resource!
I probably should have read it all yesterday before I did it, but you know how these
things go. (I hadn't seen it, but I hadn't really looked.)

It was pretty much a test of seeing if this was possible for me to do. A few things could
have been done differently, but that'll have to wait for next time. (I just read the etching
tutorial 5 minutes ago.) Mark has some good tips too, I'd like to try that centre punch
(are those available at any hardware store?)

Here's what I did anyway:
I cut (scored then snapped) a 8"X2" strip off my three foot long copper-topped board
($6.00 CAN). Polished with an SOS pad (no regular steel wool at home), and cleaned
with acetone. Cut a 2" square from the strip, sanded (the sides) and cleaned (the top)

Then got my friend to draw on the layout, using a black sharpie (the dual fine and ultra
fine tip)...since kindergarden I've had trouble colouring within the lines, and drawing
straight he pretty much eyballed it using a resistor and transistor as a dimension


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