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Let me being with a little introduction.  I play Drums and Guitar, and have been known to slap a little bass here and there.  All the music here is done with these instruments (save a couple vocals (with which I used my vocal chords and voice box, along with other resonance cavities, (i.e. mouth, etc...) vocals often try to emulate another "sound", not exactly my real voice, or so I'd have you believe) and there is a little bit'o'keyboard in one of the tracks.  See if you can spot it!), in addition (Brand Name, and DIY (Thanks to everyone on Aron's Stompbox Forum)) guitar effects pedals (with the exception of one track using Computer Aided Digital Effects (CADE, note that CADE is not a real acronym)).  Alright, I'm going to stop with the brackets cause that is really annoying.  Recording is done with Cheap-O Microphones - again, not a real brand - or direct from guitar/pedals to my computer.  Multi Track Recording is accomplished using CoolEdit Pro, and maybe Sound Forge for some editing.  For those of you who are interested I play an Epiphone SG (the good one, not the cheap one) through a Crap-O-Matic Fender Practice Amp - once more this isn't the real model name, even though it should be!  I may post all the effects used for each song, if there is an interest in it.

A few things to note: I am guilty of wanton use of panning! So I urge you to listen on good quality stereo speakers or headphones.  Good quality because in some songs I really jacked up the bass guitar, you'll love it too.  All music is my original work.  Except where noted, I wrote and played all the lyrics and music.  I have uploaded these files in RealPlayer *.rm and *.ram formats.  I've linked only to the *.ram files, the *.rm will let you download the entire song so you can listen to it 'till your head explodes, hey it might happen.  I am planning to upload better quality (as the RealPlayer files are low quality - you'll hear little blips once in a while- for those of you without a highspeed connection) MP3 files, so if you want these email me or get in touch any way you know how, and your wish is my command.  I don't mind if these files are distributed far and wide, but I am adamant about being given credit for my work.  So if you copy it and serve it on Napster, make sure people know who created the masterful work of music/crap.  Oh yea, KEEP IT LOUD!

Onwards and Upwards


My debut full scale production track.  This was created for an english project, on the novel Silence of the Lambs (this is right in time for the sequel Hannibal...haven't seen it yet but it looks good, but I haven't seen it yet).  So the lyrics I wrote are based on this book, I'll post them here when I get the chance.  The music is Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", so credit for the music goes to John (Ozzy) Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and Tommy Iomi, except the later part of the guitar solo (played by my friend).  I should post the cover art of the CD I handed into english class as it looks darn cool.

Real Audio

Oh yeah, some CADE work is going on here with some vocals and opening guitar.

Know Your Enemy

This track is a cover of the Rage Against The Machine song, so all credit if given to Zack, Tom, Tim, and Brad, for music and lyrics.  The solo is a modified version of the original, with some some scratch & toggle action, and other RATM riffs (try to figure out which ones, I like these games!).  The first track (drums) was laid down with my friend playing keyboard (Organ) so I could get the timing right, as the tempo changes a lot in this song, and Multi-Track Recording is challenging enough, so you may here some "other" sound which I left on cause it too is cool.  Unfortunately when I was recording the drum track, we left out a few bars of a verse section, that's why some of the lyrics are missing.  Break-down lyrics are done with a flanger.

Real Audio

The Placenta Diaries (I made up these names right before I uploaded these files!)

This recent track was supposed to be clean (distortion-less) though again my amp sucks (any suggestions for a good tube amp? Email me). Some neat effects on here, and a fat bass.  I should add that this of course is an original track, and that it is all improvised as with most of my other songs.  Not much more to say so i'll let the song speak for itself.

Real Audio

The Effects Laden Sea

Another recent track that is heavy on the effects, feedback, and distortion is this one.  Special thanks to Steve Daniels at Small Bear Electronics for his Wild Mouse design and kit ( I know you always like your plugs : ).  This helped me achieve the extra feedback and compression through my DIY Big Muff.  Notice the slap back delay on the drums, and bass fuzz & feedback.

Real Audio


I have to say that this song is not that great but, there are so many sweet CADE effects in here I just had to add it. My favourite toggle & scratch of all time is at time 1:31.  It is the greatest guitar impression of R2D2 ever!  Now if we could get that panning cat-fight/sloppy-kiss/metal-fork-scratching-metal-pot sound (it peaks at time 2:13) into a stompbox that'd be "whack" for lack of a better word.  Z.V. can you do that?

Real Audio

Gee How'd You Know (I'm Losing, Weight Did You Notice Pop?)

This blues piece was for this years english project.  Based on the play Death of a Salesman this song is from the perspective of Biff and Happy (Hap), featuring the Loman brothers band.  I can't take credit for all the lyrics, most were stolen directly from the book, though the innuendo's weren't as obvious as they are now.  I'll post the Lyrics here if anyone is interested.  Originally I put all the voices through my harmonizer (5th's and Octaves), but my friend said it sounded like crap (and after listening to it for several hours, I had become immune to it).  So I did my own harmony, right! (Original harmonizer vocals are audible at end of track in left channel.)  Notice the subtle flange of the drums in the left channel.  I'm still trying to figure out how, while I was doing some improvisational work (time 2:04-2:12) I was able to go out of key and still make it sound good, any explanation of what I did would be greatly appreciated.

Real Audio

The Cricket Scrum

One of my favourites of mine right now.  You have to listen to this song from the beginning all the way to the end in one sitting!  This song builds and builds!  Just when you think I'm content with the content, I add another layer of sounds.  This is one of the few songs where I wrote out the notes (actually tabs, I can only read and play notes efficiently when playing violin) before I even started recording.  I was fairly surprised that they all worked so well together.  Like a hard-core Phish jam, you can't start listening to this song in the middle, or you'll be like "What the hell is this shit?!?"  After you've completed a couple full run-throughs, start listening from time 4:35, and tell me you don't think it's a bloody mess of distortion, harmonics, tremolo, and wah.

Real Audio

So give it all a good listen then report back to me at one of the usual places or

Comments, questions, and answers are the reason for posted this stuff, and of course for your enjoyment.



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