Here are Joe Gagan's great samples of the Skyripper.

For sound samples please go here:

Notes As told by Joe Gagan

All samples were made with the following:

Guitar-  my doubleneck, mostly on the lead pickup [Seymour Duncan Broadcaster Lead], but sometimes I switched in the front
pickup [Vanzant blues model strat pickup].
Amp was a Mesa Blue Angel, Big EVM style 12" ,amp was on the 2 6V6 setting.   Amp was miked close with a Shure SM57, and
about 6' away with a tube mic of some kind.
Volume was at 10:00 O'clock, all the tone controls were kind of in the middle. Reverb was at 9:00 O'clock.

The knobs on the Skyripper were not modulated while a track was running. Most of the variation was from pick attack
variation, although a little bit of volume knob tweaking had to happen in there, too.

"Clean 1" shows the amp tone before the effect is kicked in. Baseline.
"effect 1" is just the Fuzz Face by itself.

"effect 2" Ripper mode. Notice how the noise is totally moved out of the way when the picking becomes a hard attack. At
about :45 I begin picking very lightly, showing a very interesting atonality, then flip in and out of the lead tone just by
varying my attack or volume knob.

"effect 3"  Rippergulper setting A little more radical.Check out how the high notes seem to 'gulp' when played.

"effect 4" More Ripping, slight knob adjustment

"effects 5 & 6" Frequency generation mode. I tuned the generated note  to a pecific pitch and then jammed with it. Again,
notice how, with hard attack, the lead tone comes totally to the forefront.

"effect 7"  the RM and FF together / a 'back to basics' good lead sound. Check out the combo of articulation and fatness.
Slight hint of high frequency feedback within itself audible. This can be dialed out without losing the tone.