Now the trouble, I started by drilling one of the test pads that I had thoughtfully put in.
On the first try the bit didn't catch and spun off. Second attempt started well enough but
stopped abruptly when the drill bit snapped. So I changed the speed, and used the
second bit that came with the bit box.

I should have used some kind of awl or hole
punch, but instead I decided to use the second drill bit to indent the board. Needless to
say, that bit didn't last long either. I tried the next smallest size, which worked well,
though it may be good for off-board wiring, it is too big for most components.

The other thing I realized when reading JD's site, is that I didn't reverse the image or
anything. So how do I solder the board once it is drilled? Is the copper side going to be
the component side as well? I'm sure if I look at it I could figure it out.